RBI bank declared to 2000 notes deposite or exchange is over . People had to either deposit these notes at banks or get them exchanged by 7 October 2023. However, even after this date, people have an opportunity to change these notes. They can do so by going to the RBI office and exchanging the notes there

RBI bank declared rules 2000 notes last acceptable on 7 oct 2023 on any banks. Banks are no longer accepting or exchanging Rs 2000 notes. If you wish to exchange or deposit Rs 2000 notes now, you will need to visit the RBI office for that. You can also send Rs 2000 notes by post to any of the 19 RBI offices to get them credited to your bank accounts in India.

But for this, you will have to show valid identity proof and meet all the requirements set by RBI. We are providing the list of 19 RBI offices where you can exchange Rs 2000 notes. The addresses of these offices are taken from the RBI website. We suggest that you verify these addresses on your own before mailing anything.

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