Vishwakarma PujaHappy Vishwakarma Puja wishing

An annual celebration known as Vishwakarma Puja graces our calendars on the day of Kanya Sankranti. In this coming year, the radiant festivities of Vishwakarma Puja shall illuminate our lives on Sunday, the 17th of September 2023. This date carries an even deeper significance, for it marks the birth of Lord Vishwakarma, commemorated as Vishwakarma Jayanti. It’s a day of profound devotion, especially for those entwined with the realms of commerce and architecture, who gather to honor Lord Vishwakarma.

Within the tapestry of Hindu beliefs, Lord Vishwakarma is hailed as the master architect of our cosmos. The sacred narrative weaves a tale where, during the universe’s inception by Lord Brahma, the illustrious role of adorning and enhancing it was entrusted to Lord Vishwakarma. The ancient texts reverently anoint Vishwakarma ji as the primal artisan, the architect par excellence, and the inaugural engineer.

The tradition holds that individuals connected to any craft find their talents elevated and their enterprises prosper when they partake in Vishwakarma Puja (Vishwakarma Puja 2023). This occasion also provides a splendid opportunity to extend heartfelt felicitations to your beloved family and friends.

On the 17th of September, a date resonating with the celebration of Vishwakarma Puja, we also embrace Vishwakarma Jayanti. Vishwakarma ji is acknowledged as the seventh offspring of Lord Brahma, the very genesis of the universe. Lord Vishwakarma reigns supreme as the deity of creation, and his munificence is believed to bestow creativity upon all facets of life within this vast creation.

It is scarcely an exaggeration to proclaim him as the pioneer, the paragon of craftsmanship, the maestro of architecture, and the harbinger of engineering. Hence, each year on Vishwakarma Jayanti, tools and implements are venerated for their pivotal role in shaping our world.

While Lord Vishwakarma breathed life into every corner of Earth, there stands in India a temple of his own making. Pilgrims embark on journeys from distant lands to behold the unparalleled architectural marvel, the craftsmanship beyond compare, and the resplendent artistic opulence that adorns this sacred sanctuary

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